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The Moonstone Legacy- part 1

Author: Tony Wild and Diane de Gunzburg The Moonstone Legacy

Rating: S

Genre: Mystery

I finally got this book. I despaired that I’d ever get to read it. This book is a continuation of The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins. The last line of that book is who can say what the next adventure of the Moonstone will be? If you recall from Collin’s book, the Moonstone was cursed. Anyway who possessed it had great tragedy befall them on the night of a fully moon.

The story begins with Lizzy Abercrombie holding her mother while she is dying. Lizzy’s father is the younger of a pair of twins. As a result, Lizzy has grown up rather poor while her twin cousins Samuel and Samantha have had everything. One day Lizzy overhears her uncle and father discussing the family curse. A curse that occurs on a full moon. Lizzy starts looking into the curse.

Later on, Lizzy sees her uncle visiting a person he claims he does not remember. Unfortunately her uncle spots her. So he decides to send her to the private boarding school Sam and Samantha attend. There Lizzy meets the son of a well known Indian movie director. She tells her new friend about the family curse. During the holiday, Lizzy ends up being invited to India by her new friend. She takes the opportunity to find out more about the Moonstone and her ancestor George Abercrombie.

But Lizzy is in danger, although she does not realize it at the time. It turns out that she’s not the only person looking for the Moonstone, although she is the only person looking for it for altruistic reasons. I’m not going to tell you more of the plot except to say that Lizzie partially succeeds in her mission. This is the first book in this trilogy.

This was an excellent book. There was more than one mystery in this story. The other one is more of a subplot. I have a feeling that it will become a bigger part of the next book. I liked the fact that there wasn’t much teen angst. I do think it is interesting that even in British teen books there are love triangles. Not that I thought Americans had the corner on the market. But this book is definitely a page turner.


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