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The Moonstone Legacy- Dreamtime

Author:  Tonly Wild and Diane de Gunzburg

Genre:  Mystery

Rating:  LI


In a sacred caved high in the mountains of northern India, a white-haired hermit sits cross-legeed, and signs his final testament: “George Abercrombie, 1874…”.  In present-day England, fourteen years old Lizzy Abercrombie’s mother dies in a tragic accident on the full moon.  But was it really an accident?  LIzzy discovers that her death may be linked to a mysterious family curse.  Determined to solve the mystery, her quest takes her from the doomed Anglo-Indian mansion on the Yorkshire moors to India  where she uncovers the terrible truth about her ancestor and a stole inheritance.  But her discoveis put her in mortal danger from a ruthless enemy.  

Opinion:  Just when you thoght that all was well with the Moonstone, it is stolen from the temple in a bloody massacre. This is how the story opens.  Lizzie isn’t sure how the Moonstone ended up being stolen as she and her family are the only ones who know that the real Moonstone was returned.  She feels responsible for the deaths.  Things go from back to worse with LIzzy.  The reversal in the family fortunes causes a lot of problems for her aunt, uncle, and cousins.  Then her father dies in a mysterious fire.  Rather than let this break her, Lizzy returns from grieving determined to find the Moonstone.  

In this installement, we learn more about the Moonstone itself.  Namely that it is an uncut diamond that has an unsual crystalline shape- a shape that indicates that this is a meteoric diamond.  We also learn, that of all the people in the Abercrombie family that supposedly died from the Moonstone curse, only one has actually died on a full moon- Lizzy’s mother.  

In my opinion, it doesn’t appear that the MOonstone is really cursed.  It is a fantastically rare object of immense value.  These type of objects attract trouble the way pollen attracts bees.  The Moonstone has some interesting religious implications that were starting to be explored in this book.  Everything comes to a head in book 3, which wil be reviewed later.  

I have to say, that I was really impressed with Lizzy.  She showed remarkable strength of character for someone who has lost their last remaining parent.  I also have to say that I don’t really trust the step-mother Rose.  Something about the relationship between Lizzy’s father and Rose seemed off. IT isn’t until the end that we understand why.  

The second book ends on a cliffhanger.  I won’t tell you what happens.  You’ll have to read it for yourself.   


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