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  Author:     Abigail Santamaria

Genre:     Biography 

Rating:    LI


The first full biography of Joy Davidman, known primarily as C.S. Lewis’s late-in-life bride, but who here receives her much deserved rescue from that shadow.

Opinion: You know for the longest time, I didn’t realize that C. S. Lewis was married.  I loved (and still do) the Chronicles of Narnia.  I’ve also read his space travel trilogy- Out of the Silent Planet.  I’ve known that C. S. Lewis was a born again believer, but I never really thought about his personal life.  

I can’t remember when, but my mom watched that movie Shadowlands.  I think I was in college.  That was the first that I realized that he married.  I didn’t think much about his wife though.  I really never thought to find out who she was.  

I know the author of this book.  We went to the same church for a little bit when we were both in high school.  I remember when she started doing the research for this book.  There wasn’t a lot out there on Joy.  I know Abby traveled to England to do some research for this book.  I remember that she got invited to the movie premier of Prince Caspian.  This book has been years in the making, and I was happy that there was finally a release date.  

Abbie’s writing was great.  There is no doubt about that.  It was easy to read, and not dry and boring (which is one of the reasons I usually don’t read non-fiction).  I think the best thing about this book, is that is changed my opinion of C. S. Lewis.  I’ve read some of his other Christian work like Screwtapes Letters.  Lewis was a devout Christian.  I think what surprised me was that Joy was so, well, not really likeable.  I mean I know that all of us have flaws, but she just didn’t strike me as being the sort of woman that Lewis would like.  I mean for crying out loud, she was still married when she started chasing him!!  I think at the end of the day, it made Lewis seem a lot more like a real man.  

I know this was completely not what the book was about.  The whole point of the book was that the reader was supposed to walk away knowing that Joy was something other thab just Lewis’ wife. And she certainly was.  She was definitely a dynamo.  I mean she was well educated; she joined the Communist party in the US; she seemed to be a prolific poetess.  

It really is a pity that she and Lewis didn’t get to spend the majority of their lives together.  


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