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Bump: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

This review was originally posted on May 11, 2009.  I thought I’d re-post as the movie is coming out this Friday.

Author:     Jane Austen and Seth Grahame-Smith

Genre:      Paranormal

Rating:     S

I know most of you are absolutely shocked that an Austenite like myself would like such an irreverent work. But can I just tell you how funny this book is.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a zombie in possession of brains must be in want of more brains. Never was this truth more plain than during the recent attacks at Netherfield Park, in which a household of eighteen was slaughtered and consumed by a horde of the living dead.

Yup! That’s the first line of the book. England has been infested.


The gates of hell have been shut against receiving new dead. As a result, these “unmentionables” are doomed to room the country feasting on the brains of others. The five Bennet sisters are the defenders of Longbourne. Their oath to the crown is to protect until they die or marry. Lizzie is quite dedicated to eliminating this scourge of the devil- that is until she meets Mr. Darcy. Mr. Darcy is quite the warrior himself and is quite impressed by Lizzie’s skill.

Bluestocking’s Opinion

This was quite a parody. Seth did use a lot of the original text by Austen. But many parts of the original book had clever zombie variations like the quote that I used above. Strangely enough, I thought it worked quite well. Despite the fact that the Bennet sisters were warriors who studied in China, this book stayed very true to their characters.
I thought the most glaring change in character was Mr. Darcy. It wasn’t really that glaring really. It’s just he has this very bawdy humor/flirtation. I can’t imagine the real Mr. Darcy ever coming out with something like that. Yeah, I know that sounds really rich considering the book is about Zombies. Anyway, you will only enjoy this book if you have a good sense of humor. For my part, I couldn’t put the book down. But buy it and see for yourself.


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