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Monday Morning Update August 18, 2014


It’s been a long while. I’ve been so busy with various things. One day, I’ll tell you all about it, but not today. I don’t have that kind of time.

Mailbox Monday
I can’t possibly catch you up on all of the books that I’ve purchased since I last posted. So I’ll tell you about my most recent purchase.

1. A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness
2. Shadow of NIght by Deborah Harkness
3. Book of Life by Deborah Harkness
4. Silver Shadows (the Bloodline series) by Richelle Mead
5. Queen of Hearts by Rhys Bowen (Her Royal Spyness series)
6. Star Trek Seekers: Second Nature by David Mack.

What Are You Reading on Mondays?
I’ve read all of those books thus far. I’m re-reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

So how has life been treating all of you?

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Monday Morning Update May 5, 2014


Well, it has been a while. I’ve been taking another cake decorating class. Final Project

Here is what I’ve got in the mail.

Shadow Kiss
Blood Promise
Spirit Bound
Last Sacrifice
The Golden Lily
The Indigo Spell
The Fiery Heart
Star Wars Darth Maul Lockdown
Star Trek TOS Serpents in the Garden
Apart at the Seams
Star Trek Enterprise Rise of the Federation Tower of Babel

What Are You Reading?

I’ve read all of these but Serpents in the Garden and Tower of Babel.

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Monday Morning Update March 3, 2014


So I would imagine most of you are watching the Oscars or preparing for the snow storm tomorrow. I’m all stocked up!!

Musing Mondays/Mailbox Mondays
Anyway, here are the books I got last week.

1. The Chase by Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg.
2. Star Trek Enterprise: The Romulan War: to Brave the Storm.
3. Frost Bite by Richelle Mead

What Are You Reading on Mondays?

I finished Star Trek: To Brave the Storm, Frost Bite and The Chase.

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Monday Morning Update February 24 2014


Well! Another week has come and gone. Downtown Abbey is over. Sherlock is over. Call of the Midwife starts next week I believe!

Musing Monday/Mailbox Monday

I only got one book last week.
Star Trek the Original Series No Time Like the Past by Greg Cox.

STARDATE 6122.5. A diplomatic mission to the planet Yusub erupts in violence when ruthless Orion raiders attempt to disrupt the crucial negotiations by force. Caught in the midst of a tense and dangerous situation, Captain James T. Kirk of the U.S.S. Enterprise finds an unexpected ally in the form of an enigmatic stranger who calls herself “Annika Seven.”

STARDATE 53786.1. Seven of Nine is taking part in an archae­ological expedition on an obscure planetoid in the Delta Quadrant when a disastrous turn of events puts Voyager’s away team in jeopardy—and transports Seven across time and space to Yusub, where she comes face-to-face with one of Starfleet’s greatest legends.

STARDATE 6122.5. Kirk knows better than most the danger that even a single castaway from the future can pose to the time line, so he and Seven embark on a hazardous quest to return her to her own era. But there are others who crave the knowledge Seven possesses, and they will stop at noth­ing to obtain it—even if this means seizing control of the Enterprise! – See more at:

What Are You Reading on Mondays?

I read
1. Cress
2. Star Trek No Time Like the Past
3. Star Trek Enterprise Beneath the Raptor’s Wing.
4. Vampire Academy

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Monday Morning Update


Boy! Where did the time go. I think I last posted in December. Life has become quite chaotic. The weather isn’t helping. But I’m going to try to be more regular in my posting.

Musing Monday/Mailbox Monday
Here are the books I’ve purchased:
Star Trek Enterprise The Romulan War
Alice Close Your Eyes
Vampire Academy
Star Trek the Fall Peaceable Kingdoms
I Have Always LovedYou

What Are You Reading on Mondays?

I re-read Eragon, Eldest, Brisingr, Inheritance. The I read Alice Close Your Eyes. Star Trek the Fall Peaceable Kingdoms, and I Have Always Loved You. I’m currently reading the Romulan War.

So how have all of you been?

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Monday Morning Update December 9, 2013


Urgh! I haven’t posted in such a while. Things at my job have been going crazy. We’ve had two attorneys resign, and one attorney have a heart attack. Thankfully, one of the attorneys who was out on medical leave came back. I have been more busy that I could have ever imagined. Anyway, I hope everyone’s Thanksgiving went well. Mine was very quiet.

Mailbox Monday
1. Stormbringers by Philippa Gregory
2. Takedown Twenty by Janet Evanovich
3. Star Trek the Fall: the Poisoned Chalice by James Swallow

What Are You Reading on Mondays?
I read Takedown Twenty and The Poisoned Chalice. I’ve started Stormbringers. I’m also re-reading the Harry Potter series. I’m in The Prisoner of Azkaban right now.

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Monday Morning Update November 18, 2013


Mailbox Mondays

It’s been a while since I participated, so there are a lot of books.

1. Bellam & Black by Diane Setterfield.
2. Life As We Knew It
3. The Dead and the Gone
4. This World We Live In
5. The Shade of the Moon (these four are by Susan Beth Pfeffer)
6. Legend by Marie Lu
7. Curtsies & Conspiracies by Gail Carringer.

What Are You Reading on Mondays?
I read all of these books over the past couple of weeks. I also re-read Star Wars the Old Republic: Revan. I’m re-reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

I’m currently making an Applesauce Cake with Caramel Buttercream Frosting!!!

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Monday Morning Update October 28, 2013


Mailbox Monday

I got three books. One my friend sent me; the other three I bought.
1. Juliet, Naked by Nick Hornby
2. Star Trek the Fall A Ceremony of Losses by David Mack
3. Allegiant by Veronica Roth
4. Life As We Know It by Susan Beth Pfeffer.

What Are You Reading on Mondays?
I finished Ghost Gone Wild, Allegiant, Star Trek A Ceremony of Losses, and Juliet, Naked. I’m starting Life As We Know It. I haven’t had a reading week like that in quite some time! What’s even more amazing is that I got all this reading done while refinishing my mom’s baker’s rack.

How was your reading week?

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Monday Morning Update October 21, 2013


Welcome!!! In case any of you were wondering, here’s a small tutorial on my birthday cake.

Mailbox Monday

1. Star Wars Empire and Rebellion Razor’s Edge by Martha Wells.
2. Longbourn by Jo Baker
3. Ghost Gone Wild by Carolyn Hart

What Are You Reading on Monday?

I read Longbourn, Sacrilege, and re-read AirKeep. I’m in the middle of reading Razor’s Edge and Ghost Gone Wild.

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Monday Morning Update October 6 2013


If you are reading this on Sunday Night, then you should know that October 6th is my birthday.
Mailbox Monday

I haven’t posted in a few weeks. I have gotten a slew of books.

1. Changeless
2. Blameless
3. Heartless
4. Timeless
5. All Is Fair
6. Star Trek the Fall Revelation and Dust
7. Star Trek the Fall The Crimson Shadow

What Are You Reading on Mondays?

I have read all of the books listed above. I also re-read Divergent and Insurgent. I have started reading Tigerheart, but I’ve put it down. I’m re-reading Airkeep.

Just to make all of you jealous, I thought I’d post a picture of my birthday cake.