Submission Requirements

Dear Authors and Publishers,

The purpose of this book review blog is to share my love of reading. As such many of the reviews will have the feel of a reader’s guide with helpful comments as to things in the plot that may get missed which I feel are particularly important to the plot. The main purpose of the blog is to aid others in deciding whether to purchase a book. Let’s be honest, the blurbs on the back of the book are not the best reflection of whether or not you’ll like the book. To that end, I spoil most if not all ends- particularly if you are sending me a book that has already been released to the public. Advanced Review Books are never spoiled.

Please be advised that due to the fairly high volume of books that I receive, the average turn around time for a book sent for review can range between 2-6 months. If you require an expedited review, kindly advise me of such.

Be also advised that my rating system is, how shall we say, quirky. Kindly read The Ratings and What They Mean for an explanation as to how this works. There is handy email function on the bottom of this page, if you have questions.

1. Please submit either a bound copy of your book i.e. a paper back or an ebook in epub formatting or a PDF. ( I have an iPad.)
2. I will not review Romance novels, i.e. bodice rippers.
3. I will not review books with explicit sex scenes.
4. I will not review books with excessive profanity. “Damn” and “hell” are as far as I will go.
5. Although drug addiction, alcoholism, and violence can be necessary elements to advancing the plot of a book, I will not review books that tend to glorify these themes.
6. If your book has already been released to the public, it will most likely be spoiled. Most of the time, I will place a spoiler alert on the post. Occasionally I do forget. You may remind me- politely.
7. I will give my honest opinion of your book. If I do not like it, I will say so. I will not change my review/rating no matter how upset you are.
8. Please visit the Index and read some of the reviews listed to get a feel for how I review.
9. Last but not least, I am aware that most book bloggers do their reviews a certain way. I am not most book bloggers. Kindly do not ask me to format my reviews the way so and so does.


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