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Nancy Drew and the Secret of the Old Clock

This week, I tracked down an original copy of this book. I intend to do a write up on the bookstore. It really is worth a visit if you are in Philadelphia.

♣ Nancy is 18
♣ Nancy drives a convertible
♣ Hannah Gruen is more a member of the family
♣ Nancy finds out about the situation from the Turner sisters
♣ Allie and Grace’s surname is Hoover
♣ Helen is much older (in book 2 she is engaged)
♣ The fortune is distributed more equally among the beneficiaries.
♣ Allie uses her money to take singing lessons.
♣ Nancy is a lot more refined.

♣ Nancy is 16
♣ She drives a roadster
♣ Hannah Gruen is more a servant
♣ Nancy already knows about the will
♣ Allie and Grace Horner tell her of the “other will.”
♣ The servant at the Topham’s bungalow is a drunk.
♣ There is a gun battle between the police and the thieves.
♣ The Horners receive half of the estate
♣ Allie uses her money to invest in a chicken farm
♣ Nancy is high handed in her manner.

Which do I like better? The original is very interesting. When I purchased the book, the store owner said that Nancy Drew was the real first feminist book. I can see why he said that. I think the original Nancy has more character. She definitely embodies the flapper ideals and the Jazz rebellion of that time. I think the revised Nancy is more of a demure 50’s kind of lady. I purchased another original. I’m on the look out for 19 more! When I read the next one, which unfortunately is out of chronological order, I will let you know.

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The Secret of the Old Clock

I really enjoyed my trip down memory lane. So I’m going to take another one.

This is the first in the Nancy Drew series. This series was first published in the 1930’s but it was revised beginning in 1960.
Nancy Drew lives with her father Carson and their housekeeper Hannah Gruen in the fictional town of River Heights. Her father is a well-known attorney in the town. Nancy is described as being a Titian-meaning red head. It is interesting to note that the Drew family seems uneffected by the Great Depression which affected the country at this time.
Nancy is 18 years old and clearly finished high school. Aside from that she doesn’t seem to have anything productive to do with her time besides charities.

The story begins with her father having her deliver some documents to the judge in the next town. On the way back she nearly runs a child, Judy, over in her blue convertible.

When she takes the injured child into the house she meets Mary and Edna Turner who are relatives of Josiah Crowley, who recently died a left a good deal of money according to a last will. The two older women are interested in the money for the little girls sake as they will be unable to educate her when she is older. Nancy decides to do something about it.
On the way she runs into who are the family to inherit under the current terms of the will (The Richard Tophams), she also meets the Hoover sisters-one of which will become a promising singer. Nancy also meets Abby Rowan, an older cousin of Josiah Crawley, who gives Nancy the secret that she needs namely that the key to the will is in the Old Clock. Well guess who the clock belongs to?

Nancy uses subterfuge and a whole host of tricks to elude thieves, foil her captors, and ultimately find the missing will.
I remember this book started me on a Nancy Drew mania. I made my mom drive me to the library headquarters every week during the summer.
I did some wikipedia research. It seems the books were heavily edited. The first books had Nancy as a 16 year old. This first book was rewritten to exclude the car chase involving guns. Hmm I think I need to track down these original. If anyone has first additions please comment on the differences.

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Nancy Drew and the Quest of the Missing Map

Ok! So I’m tripping down memory lane. We’re taking a very far walk. Nancy Drew mysteries were my favorite books to read as a young girl.

This story begins with Nancy Drew taking Ellen Smith to Rocky Edge to accept a position teaching a young girl to sing. On the their visit, they are introduced to Trixie Chatham, Ellen’s future charge. While Mrs. Chatham and Ellen discuss the details of her job, Nancy and Trixie explore the grounds. As the pair come across Ship Lodge, Trixie becomes frightened and insists that the cottage is haunted.
The mystery becomes thicker still when Ellen’s father Tomlin Smith tells how his father was a sea captain and split a treasure map between he and his twin brother. Thus Nancy Drew and her stalwart companions George and Bess begin the race to find the lost treasure.

Of course Nancy and company race kidnap, near drowning, and nasty knocks to the skull but they achieve their objective.
This is an excellent series for young girls.. I think it is so funny now, but Nancy Drew never ages! I mean there are so many books in this series but she’s always eighteen years old. Another thing that is pretty funny is that Nancy Drew has no brain damage. I mean this girl has been knocked unconscious in almost every book and chloroformed repeatedly. I mean she should be a vegetable by now!

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