The Rating System

A brief word on my rating system.  The way I rate my reviews is unique.  I don’t think the 5 star system adequately captures the way I feel about the book that I’m reading.  Here is a quote from a post that I did on the rating system.


LI- Like it

E- Exceeded my expectations

L- Loved it

D-Didn’t hate it but I didn’t like it either

S- Can’t get enough of your sexy wit

I- Non habit forming cure for insomnia

W-Waste of paper and ink

Q-Not quite what I expected

SP- Speechless

G- Get on with the plot already

T- Trite

C- Conflicted


Ok. So I know most of you want to know, what rating is highest and which is the lowest. The highest rating on this blog is S. The lowest rating on this blog is W. LI and L are fairly self-explanatory. The rest are a little bit more flexible or touchy feely. A lot of times, the more unique rating is because the book gave me more to thing about. For example, SP can be good or bad. It just depends upon the book. For example The Hunger Games was rated SP. It was a wonderful book; in contrast The Silmarillion packed way too much information into a short space.  The probably the two most ambivalent ratings are E and Q. What does it mean to Exceed my Expectations? Well it means that I felt going into the book that the conclusion was foregone; and the foregone conclusion was something I didn’t think was positive, but the author managed to surprise me with the ending. Not Quite What I Expected, is usually a genre expectation. For example, I expect certain things from science fiction novels or from a fantasy novel. But sometimes, I come across story lines that are not what I typically expect to find in that genre. So hopefully, this little explanation makes the ratings you see a little bit more comprehensible.



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